Youth Online Permission

Due to the change to online meetings and activities, additional child protection measures have been put in place to protect our youth. To find out more about these, please read the full letter to parents from Pastor Andrew (dated 29/04/2020). CLICK HERE TO READ

All youth will need the following permission form completed by a parent/guardian in order to participate in CBC Youth online.

  1. In order to avoid any unwanted (adult) guests, Friday Night Youth Zoom meetings will require a password to access, which will be emailed at the start of the week.
  2. In order to ensure youth are not one-on-one with a leader, youth will be held in the Zoom “waiting room” until at least two leaders and/or two youth are present, and the meetings ended with at least three people present. If some one-on-one time may be helpful between a youth and a leader, this would be arranged separately with the involvement of myself and a parent.
  3. In order to respect the privacy of the youth, youth cameras and microphones will be automatically set to off for the main section of Friday Night Youth, but may be turned on for the “breakout” discussion groups that follow (and would be on for Youth Discipleship Groups).
  4. In order to ensure appropriate behaviour during the meetings, the youth will be regularly informed and reminded of their responsibilities as participants, such as:
  • To be respectful in your communication to all who are in the meeting;
  • To wear appropriate clothing at all times;
  • Not to share inappropriate content of any kind, including what is in your background;
  • Not to take pictures or record anyone without their permission;
  • To not pass on personal information such as phone numbers or email addresses; and
  • To be inclusive and welcoming to all who are participating.
  1. Some online meetings may be recorded, and the recordings kept securely for internal compliance purposes.

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    I have read this permission document and letter from Pastor Andrew dated 29 April 2020 and I give permission for the above named child(ren) to participate in CBC Youth online activities.

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