Caringbah Baptist Church is committed to providing places, services and programs that promote physical, emotional and spiritual health and safety and model the love of Christ to all whom we have contact with, particularly children, young people and vulnerable adults.

The relevant sections below are provided for your interest and information.

Safe Church

SAFE CHURCH LEAFLET – This leaflet provides an explanation of CBC’s approach to the protection of all people, in particular children, young people and vulnerable adults who are part of CBC’s church and its community

Persons of Concern


Why do we need a process?
From time to time our church may face the situation where a person of concern has been worshipping and been involved, or wishes to worship and be involved, in our church. While demonstrating genuine compassion and justice, we must take steps
to protect the whole church community.

This process aims to ensure that all reasonable measures have been put in place to ensure safe ministry occurs with persons of concern. Australian Baptists are committed to safe ministry , i.e. God honouring, abuse free, harm free, person valuing and respectful ministry.

Grievance Resolution


This leaflet provides an overview of CBC’s approach to grievance resolution. Please use this leaflet as an introduction and where further detailed information is required please see a member of the Leadership.