Youth Ministries

CBC Youth

CBC Youth is about providing a safe environment for young people in Years 7-12 to have fun, make friends, learn about God and be encouraged in life. Our youth programs are open to anyone: Christian or non-Christian, guy or girl, tall or short, good day or bad day. We want to help every young person form a positive identity, find a fulfilling purpose and live their lives to the full!


In light of recent changes to our youth group, including the merger of the 1.0 and 2.0 groups and the new age range of years 7 to 12, we’re updating our Senior Camp. Starting from 2024, Senior Camp will cater to students entering years 10 to 12.

This update allows those transitioning into year 9 in 2024 to enjoy one final Winter Camp with us that year. They’ll be eligible to join the Summer Camp in 2025.

We need Registration done by December 12 – please register via the button below!
Once you have registered, an auto-responder email will be sent to you for payment. If the full cost of camp is stopping you from coming, please reach out and we can cover some of the costs – especially if you have more than one youth attending camp!

Friday Night Youth

Friday Night Youth runs each week during school term and involves a mix of food, games, sport, Bible-based talks, music, challenges, adventures and occasionally outings. Other than the outings, Friday Night Youth is held in the CBC Sports Centre and caters to Years 7 – 12.
We usually meet from 6:30pm to 8:30pm during the school term, with some exceptions – please see our social media for more up to date information!

Youth Small Groups

Youth Small Groups are an opportunity for young people to go deeper in their understanding of God and to ask whatever questions they have about life, the world, meaning, relationships and the future. Small groups also facilitate the development of mentoring relationships and positive peer relationships to support young people through the ups and downs of the teenage years. Youth Small Groups are held at CBC and include:

CREW – for Years 6-8, meets during the 5PM service on Sundays during school terms.
(Some weeks we do not meet – more information in the weekly youth email!)

DTS – Our Discipleship Training School is an advanced group for those who want to take their faith and understanding deeper.
Built for Years 9-12, we aim to inform young people about the truths of God, as well as covering topics such as leadership styles, spiritual gifts, and how to understand the Bible in context.
We meet during the school term at 3:30pm until 5pm in the front offices of the church. Please reach out if you would like to attend!

BeYOUtiful Girls

Mentoring High School Girls is so delightful!  They come to our groups ready to be loved and encouraged, along with learning life skills that will help them navigate their teenage lives through great choices and set goals.   Real friendships are formed and nurtured and the results are beautiful young women who can reach their potential in life through telling themselves the truth – that they are loved and valued and capable of making a difference in the lives of others.

Our group meets monthly on Sunday afternoons at CBC.