Our men desire to find reasons to connect, encourage and stand in the Freedom that Jesus has abundantly blessed us with. We believe that Jesus is sufficient and enough for all our needs and when we share that together we find a kingdom cause and purpose to live for.

CBC Ministry Mens Breakfast

Men’s Breakfast

With the current Covid restrictions, our Men’s Ministry is in abeyance.
Some guys are catching up via Zoom. If you would like to join them, email for the details.

All age groups welcome.


Creativity at CBC is more than just a buzz word, it’s a crucial part of how God brings freedom and beauty to the world. Our Creative ministries include our Worship Music, Technical teams, songwriting and visual arts – and even a Choir! All of which are fuelled by the belief that beauty is part of the Kingdom of God…


CBC Ministries Creative
CBC Ministries Family


We love it when we see families coming together at CBC to grow in their connection with God. Our desire is to be a place where families will want to come regularly to connect with God and with others. We understand that all stages of the family life are unique, so we seek to help families with young children, primary school aged children and teenage children feel included, loved and built up in their journey of faith.

Small Groups

We all crave a deeper sense of connection with God and with others and, besides, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. Our small groups at CBC give everyone the opportunity to meet outside of our Sunday gatherings in a more intimate setting. Groups all across the church meet during the week…


CBC Ministries Small Groups

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