At Caringbah Baptist our Leadership hosts two offices, Elders and Deacons. In a congregationally governed Church each participant is nominated by the congregation, interviewed by the Elders and put before the congregation for their voting approval. An Elder stands for 3 years and a Deacon stands for 2 years. Our leadership holds the governance of Caringbah Baptist while seeking to serve her in practical ways that builds up the body of Christ.


If you wish to make contact with the Leadership Team, please do so by email to leadership@ecbc.org.au
If you wish to make individual contact with a member of leadership, please contact our office (office@ecbc.org.au 9524 2709)

Carol Franks
Craig Cleaver
Sam Woods
Mark Lindsay
Elise Atkins
Lyndal Salter
Neil Reynolds
Ken Clendinning
Allan Renkema
Brent Wallace